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Welcome to Earth-Shapers Excavation

Kubota U55 Rototilt 020 sm

Welcome to Earth-Shapers Excavation featuring our new state-of-the-art 6 Ton excavator with its’ unique Swedish built Tilt-360 technology by Rototilt. This advanced technology allows our single excavator to efficiently do the tasks of several machines, and with much less labor. What does this mean for our customers? On most projects our Tilt-360 technology saves them both time and money as well as gives them a nicer more finished job. 

Traditional Excavators:

Excavators are the most versatile piece of  equipment for earth work, and on an excavator the most important part of the machine that actually does all the work is the bucket (the digging part). On the typical excavator the bucket can do only two movements curl and uncurl.  For straight line digging these two movements are sufficient however for grading, back-filling, or contour work it requires either bringing additional equipment on the site or much more time consuming repositioning of the machine (if you have the space to do so) as well as inefficient side of the bucket pushing. Either way this ends up costing the customer more money.

Our Tilt-360 Excavator Explained:

On our excavator the bucket has the standard curl and uncurl function like the others but in addition it can tilt 40 degrees side-to-side and it can rotate 360 degrees thus the Tilt-360 name. This may not sound too exciting but when you see it in action it’s like a cross between a 13,000 pound steel symphony and giant robot from the future!  In essence, one machine and one operator can do the work of several machines and laborers which in turn saves you a-lot of money. Our machine is equipped with multiple specialized buckets for digging, contouring, trenching, and finishing as well as a specialized grapple for stone work, brush and log handling, light demolition and other specialized jobs. Our operator can change from one style bucket to another without even getting out of the machine saving valuable time/money for bucket changes.

Our excavator itself is a new Kubota KX057 6 ton with full cab for working in all weather conditions. This is a compact excavator that can get into tight spaces and work in the woods without having to open up a big swath (it’s only 6.5 feet wide) however it has the weight and power to get most jobs done fast. It has steel grass tracks which provide great traction with the lowest impact on turf (less tearing than rubber tracks actually but not suited for extensive pavement use). It also has a front angling blade for light dozing and fast back-filling.

Our Operator:

Our owner/operator has over 30 years experience using equipment and is polite, cautious and thoughtful when on the job.

Fully Insured:

You can feel safe that when hiring EarthShapers Excavation that we are fully insured and would be happy to provide prof of insurance.


Earth-Shapers Excavation is located in and services Northwest Vermont.


We offer very competitive pricing due to our low overhead of only needing to own, transport and maintain one large main digging machine that can do the tasks of several machines. We are open for business and are available to do site visits and give pricing quotes. We can also work at an hourly rate for smaller jobs. Of course we are in business to make money but believe in fair pricing and high quality work. Our goal is to use the efficiency of our excavators Tilt-360 technology/capability to save time and thus money for you on your project and in return we get more jobs. It’s a win win for both us and our customers!